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Jodhpur Property Market

Jodhpur, which is the second largest city of Rajasthan and a major tourist attraction, is making rapid strides in real estate market. The city has great cultural and historical significance and has many famous forts, palaces and temples which have made significant prominence in the glory of ancient history. Earlier, there were more traditional houses in the city which lacked basic amenities but now with the increase in number of service class people, the demand for sophisticated houses with all basic and modern facilities have increased.

After understanding the demand of people, many builders have come up with new projects contributing to the growth of infrastructure in the city. Also, two PSU giants i.e. Indian oil and Bharat Petroleum have set up their base in the city. Besides that, SEZ set up by Rajasthan state industrial development & Industrial Corporation ltd has resulted in overall development of the city. The state government is also making efforts to establish industries and boasting tourism in this beautiful city of Rajasthan.

Many new projects are lined up in the for Jodhpur property market like Delhi-based builder, Parsvnath Developers is expected to come up with Mega Township in Jodhpur, which will spread over 110 acres areas and will be named as Parsvnath City. This mega township will consist of Royale Villas in sizes like 200, 250 and 300 sq yard of area and this project is expected to complete within coming two years. Apart from that, BHDPL (Baheti Housing & Development Private Limited), a local builder has come up with an eighteen acres housing colony on Pal-Sangaria by pass road named as Chanakya Puram. According to BHDL, this colony has well laid roads, water and power facilities, green spaces and all basic amenities.

According to Mr. Shayam Baheti, Chairman of BHDPL, the company was able to sold plots of Chanakya Puram housing colony within a week of its launch and encouraged by its success, the company is planning to launch a new colony Nivas with more facilities. Other than that, the company has residential cum commercial scheme in pipeline at Sardapura area. Many more major builders like Ansal API, Ashiana, Stadia infrastructure, Parsvnath etc are looking forward to come up with their projects in the city. According to local property consultant, Mr. Karan Bhatia, even in low profile areas, the residential property in Jodhpur is witnessing 100% appreciation and in posh areas the appreciation on an average is 200%. Few more projects that are lined up are as follow:

Stadia landmark Global Township by Stadia Infrastructure
Ashiana Amarbagh by Ashiana builders, which is a 6.25 lakh sq feet luxurious residential colony on main Pali road a posh location of Jodhpur
Sushant lok and Sushant city by Ansal API targeting higher income group people near NH-65
Roop Rajat Township by Karni builders; local builder at phase I,II,III of Bhandu market
Satra Galleria by Satra Properties India Ltd, which will be one of the largest retail and entertainment complexes in Jodhpur and will be located at Nayi Sadak Road Jodhpur
Palace hotel in Jodhpur by Ansals

Sensational Gadwal salwar kamiz

The base of the Gadwal fabric is generally cotton. There is a loosely attached silk border and the fabric is traditionally woven in the interlocked-weft technique, called Kupadam or Kuttu. Most of the Gadwal fabrics have rich borders, with gold or silver zari brocades. Hand crafted designs on pure gadwal cottons have traditional colours for these fabrics as earth shades of brown, grey, and off-white. The Gadwal handloom has a variation known as Kotha Kota Silk. The base is woven in Silk but with contrasting borders. Mythical carvings, floral designs and other exquisite designs adorn the border. The salwar kameez is also adorned with rich zari, which heightens the elegance of the wearer.

The Gadwal pure cotton Punjabi suit has a dark green kameez adorned with beautiful white colour designer prints on a green Kamiz with block prints at the end. The shamrock green block printed white cotton salwar is nicely complemented by the thread weaving border on a white cotton dupatta. This mesmerising piece would do well for occasions like parties, functions and festivals. The beautiful white gadwal handloom has multi-colour block prints with thread weaving maroon lwar has orange block printing on white handloom cotton salwar. There is thread weaving maroon border cotton dupatta. This stylish trending designer salwar kameez could be of use for any occasion.

The amazing gadwal cotton dress material suits every person. The working woman can wear it in offices and outside. The pinkish gadwal punjabi suit with designs on the neck and all over the salwar have an elegant look. The white color salwar with green color dupatta on it gives an elegant look. The green color salwar kamiz suits the housewife. The gadwal salwar suits can have either silk or cotton as the base fabric. Brilliant floral designs or batik, adorn the cotton version of the saree, while the silk saree has zari brocades with embroidery of different patterns as Zari Zardosi, Ari,Gota,Chikan, to name a few. Buttis once only hand-woven on the fabric, have been replaced by gold-printed -Butti’prints on the silk fabric body. The elegance, and the grandeur that the gadwal salwar suits lends to the wearer, makes it ideal for special occasions, marriages or social functions. It could also serve as corporate-wear.

The yellow and peach pink colour gadwal Punjabi suit is a stunner. The kameez has gadwal salwar kmiz checks with orange fancy block prints and the pink cotton salwar has maroon floral block print on it. The dual colour chiffon chunni in peach pink and yellow has beautiful floral prints on it. This mesmerising salwar kamiz would do for any special occasion such as weddings, parties, social events, festivals. Modern women prefer wearing salwar kameez and sarees are kept aside for special occasions. The gadwal cotton salwar can be created on various fabrics like cotton, silk, chiffon, synthetic, crepe, georgette and supernet. Beautiful floral painting designs on handloom cotton chudidhars are refreshing. And these are apt to wear on daily casual, college, corporate office and evening times. There is a lot of variation in the dressing styles and designing when compared to the past. The chanderi dress material supernet is wonderful. These are fine to wear on corporate meetings, traditional college parties, and festival occasions.

Unnati Silks, has trendy designs, attractive patterns, in pleasing colours and combinations in its wide collection of gadwal salwar suits and Sarees, at very reasonable prices.

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Redefine your Lifestyle With Gulshan Homz

Gulshan Homz has imprinted a smear of supremacy in comfort Real estate developer with sound business principles, sincere spirits, frankness, clearness and inestimable information. Enclosed with lush greenery surroundings and affluent cities to the prospect generations, it looks forward for growing of more lavish real estate options.

Our revolution and expansion is perceptible in our comfortable living places and at present we hold head high under the aegis of Gulshan Homz. Right from the beginning, this Builder is dedicated to its solitary purpose of giving world class apartments for its clientele and refining the marketplace with its elite stratum of lavish way of life.

There are different parameters on what sets Gulshan Homz differ such as, it highly emphasis on quality work rather than considering the quantity of the delivery of their work. The needs and major requirements of the clientele are the most important motive of Gulshan Homz and top priorities are turning them into reality.

There are immense numbers of projects by Gulshan Homz which will entirely give your imaginings a new way all in all. It will augment your livelihood one step ahead copious with all new bunches of dreams where you can once look high to live stress free life and rejuvenating your coming future once again.

Gulshan include all those projects which comes under your budget easily and never let you down in front of your loved ones. The apartments by Gulshan are immensely beautiful with all updated facilities and services along with all security measures that will help you to live with more safety for your family.

Gulshan Homz intends to stay dynamic, innovative, attain and maintain the highest level of professionalism. The group has an enviable team behind all the hard work- a brilliant puddle of citizens with green familiarity and educational background, determined by a convincing apparition and a healthy definite approach to make sure the buyer fulfillment.

With an enduring focal point on clientele hope, it intends to stay vigorous and pioneering, to accomplish and conserve the greatest level of professionalism. To complete each and every dream of your perfect home is the main concern of Gulshan Homz. And such existence requires most positive shore up scheme which will be taking care of all your needs and desires.

Pleasing connectivity throughout a complex of roads, flyovers, national highways, and closeness to shopping arcades, famous institutions, and leisure hubs makes Noida a purple city of contemporary standard of living. It promises elegant gains for every single penny of your speculation. It is preferably made to gestate for idyllic source of revenue where you can use up superiority time with your family.

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Real Estate Ownership – Condominium or Fee Simple

There is a common perception of condos as being apartment style buildings, of townhouses as two-story row homes with adjoining walls, and of garden homes as free standing houses on small lots. Unfortunately, this perception creates some confusion about real estate ownership . Apartment, townhouse and garden home describe the construction layout and design of certain homes. The word, condominium, should not be used in this context.

Condominium does not refer to a type of building or construction design. It refers to a form of ownership of real estate. Condos cannot be recognized by observing the building style.

Condominium Ownership

In a condominium, the owner has individual title to the inside space of his unit. Sometimes the space is described as beginning with the paint on the walls. The unit owners also have an undivided interest in the physical components of the buildings and land. The legal definition of condominium is: The absolute ownership of a unit based on a legal description of the airspace the unit actually occupies, plus an undivided interest in the ownership of the common elements, which are owned jointly with the other condominium unit owners.

Condo projects that are built as multi story apartments are usually recognizable as condos because they don’t have land under each unit. In these developments, the condominium association normally maintains the exterior of the building and common grounds, but not the interiors of the units. An insurance policy is usually held by the association to cover the jointly owned parts of the property, while the individual owners carry insurance for the interior components of their unit. The owners pay a fee to support the maintenance of the common areas. A condo association is formed to make decisions about the expenditures for repairs and handle administrative work to manage the common areas of the project.

While some condo projects look like lofts or apartments, others may look like duplexes, townhomes, garden homes or residences on regular lots. Generally, creating a condo regime allows the developer to get more density approved than he would if he had done single ownership lots. This is usually the reason why the condo regime is chosen over the single ownership of lots. It is possible that a condominium may just be two units of a duplex. In this case the two owners may jointly make decisions concerning maintenance of any common areas. By setting up the units of a duplex as two condos, the owner is able to sell them separately to two different owners.

Know the Rules in Condo Ownership

If you are considering purchasing a condo, it is very important to read the condo documents carefully. The rules of each condominium are specific to the development, so no assumptions should be made about their requirements. The condo documents specify what maintenance is covered by the common budget. In one case, the association may handle all exterior components, decks, pools, sidewalks, driveways, etc. In another, the documents may require that the individual owners be responsible for complete maintenance of their units, including foundations, roofs and exterior walls.

After reading your condo documents carefully, you may have questions about the division of work between the individual owners and common budget administered by the condo association. Your best option is to present your question to the condo board itself. The board can clarify how the issue has been handled in the past, or give you their interpretation of the rules. Another course of action is to ask a real estate attorney to review the documents for you. Other homeowners, Realtors or maintenance workers are not reliable or appropriate sources for the interpretation of condo documents.

The Texas purchase contract for condominiums has a provision that the buyer be given a copy of the condo documents, with a certain period of time to review them. The buyer may decline the contract with no penalty during the document review period. A resale certificate is also required to be signed by the association president or manager. This form answers questions about current budgets, special assessments, insurance, lawsuits and other matters that affect the association.

Fee Simple Ownership

In contrast to the condominium regime, you may own real estate by fee simple. Fee (from the old word, fiefdom) refers to legal rights in land, and simple means unconstrained. Fee simple ownership is the absolute and unqualified legal title to real property, including both buildings and land. This is the most commonly used type of ownership.

Know the Rules in Fee Simple Ownership

In a fee simple type of ownership, there are several possibilities with respect to the obligations of ownership:

(1) The property may not be in a subdivision at all. In this case, there will be no subdivision restrictions attached to your deed that affect your use of the property. Keep in mind that you may still be governed by city or county ordinances or zoning laws, and there may be in existence previous deed restrictions limiting your use of the property.

(2) You may be a part of a subdivision that has very minimal restrictions, no common areas, no architectural control committee and no mandatory dues. Usually these are older subdivisions.

(3) You may be in a townhome project, a garden home community, or a subdivision of homes on larger lots in which there is a legally created homeowners association. If so, each homeowner is required to be a member of the association. Many associations charge mandatory dues. The association may require a certain level of maintenance by each property owner and enforce subdivision rules. For example, you may need association approval of paint colors, fences or home remodeling.

As in the condominium form of ownership, fee simple ownership does not prescribe how developments are governed, or how maintenance is handled. For example, a townhome project, with fee simple ownership, may require the owners to fully maintain their units. Or, the townhome association may handle exterior maintenance and yard work for the owners. In subdivisions with single family homes on larger lots, it is more common for the homeowners association to manage only entrances, common grounds, parks and pools, while the individual owners maintain their own properties.

Understand Your Real Estate Ownership

Whether you are buying into a condominium regime or purchasing a fee simple property, you should have a clear understanding of the type of ownership you will have in your property.

If you are buying a condominium, you should read the condo documents carefully to understand how maintenance is divided between individual owners and the common budget.

If you are buying a fee simple property, with individual ownership of the land, you should read the deed restrictions (if any) to understand the rules that apply to your property. In fee simple ownership, there may be mandatory dues to pay for common area maintenance, or, in some cases, the dues may pay for partial maintenance of the individual properties.
If you are not clear about your ownership of a property, or have a question about your obligations as a homeowner, it would be wise to review the title documents with a real estate attorney before proceeding with your purchase. Don’t hesitate to ask questions! A clear understanding of your ownership and obligations leads to a more satisfying home purchase.

——————– Roselind Hejl, CRS, is a Realtor with Coldwell Banker United in Austin, Texas. Her website: Austin Texas Real Estate Guide offers homes for sale, search MLS, buyer and seller guides. “Let Roselind help you make your move to Austin.”

Austin Texas Book Festival

If music festivals such as South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits festival are testament to the citys reputation as the Live Music Capitol of the World, the Texas Book Festival is proof positive that Austin is a hotbed of creativity in the literary world as well. Founded by Laura Bush in 1995, it has grown to become a nationally important event, featuring over two thousand authors, local, national and international, in twelve years of existence. Exciting, fun, musical and educational, this all-ages event is considered to be one of the premiere literary events in the country.

Located primarily in the State Capitol, the festival takes place every fall, drawing upwards of 40,000 spectators to delight in panels, concerts, demonstrations, and other activities in the House and Senate Chambers, as well as tents and stages erected on the sprawling green lawn of the Capitol grounds. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and other high-profile politicos have given keynote addresses, and the late Governor Ann Richards was a regular as well. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Jim Lehrer, and Roy Blount Jr., and other such notables have made appearances as well.

A variety of themes are represented at the festival, with panels dedicated to mysteries, biographies, photography, retrospectives, periodicals, journalism, and many other topics. A Lifestyle tent hosts discussions and activities including parenting, wineries, birding, and yard art.

In keeping with the interests and expectations of Austinites, the festival emphasizes a high level of entertainment and music, dedicating one tent to musical performances throughout the festival, and hosting events at satellite locations including the legendary Continental Club. A concert featuring Austins finest musicians is held on the Capitol steps. Musician authors such as Joe Ely read from their works, as do those who write books about musicians, including Kathleen Hudson and Joe Nick Patoski.

Other aspects of the entertainment world are well-represented also. Actors including Eli Wallach and Marlee Matlin have appeared there, and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi offered live cooking demos for exotic recipes. Food and cooking are also highlighted, with an entire tent equipped with cooking supplies and dedicated to cookbooks and examinations of food culture.

The Texas Book Festival has raised over two million dollars for Texas Public Libraries, and their commitment to children is clear. With one tent dedicated to childrens authors, one to childrens entertainment, and one to activities for the little ones, this festival is a perfect way to combine books and literacy with a fun and exciting event. Storytimes abound throughout the festival, and activities can include hula dance, puppet shows, drawing, and sing-alongs. When childrens authors are in town for the festival, they often take part in Reading Rock Stars, an affiliated program that brings them to public schools to read their works.

A truly Austin event in spirit, the Texas Book Festival is a lively, creative and exciting way to explore the literary world both on a local and national level.

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill An Austin Original

Nestled on the edge of Austin’s bustling downtown district, Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill, or simply Moonshine, as it’s often called, is truly one of the starts of Austin’s culinary scene. With its gourmet take on comfort food favorites, Moonshine offers a unique dining experience.

Spread out over several different dining areas in multiple buildings, Moonshine offers its patrons options when it comes to ambiance. The lively outdoor bar and patios are a great option for a fun night out socializing with friends, whereas the interior dining room and adjacent stone house the second oldest building in Austin, in fact, and said to be haunted offer a quieter, more intimate option.

Regardless of where you choose to sit at Moonshine, keep in mind that reservations aren’t available on weekends, and the wait time can get long earlier than you’d think. But the wait is definitely worth it from the custom cocktails to the delicious appetizers the corn dog shrimp is a house favorite to the incredible entrees and sinful desserts, dining at Moonshine is always a memorable experience.

The jalape hanger steak and broiled rainbow trout with cornbread stuffing are two of the most poplar entrees. And while they may sound simple, the chef truly adds a gourmet flare to everything he prepares, making souther staples like macaroni and cheese, or fried sweet potatoes a truly extraordinary meal. In addition to an extensive menu of down-home favorites with a cosmopolitan twist try the horseradish crusted salmon or the cornflake fried chicken salad for an exciting and unexpected flavor experience Moonshine also offers an exceptional brunch buffet, including mouth-watering treats like the Green Egg Scramble, with pesto, cherry tomatoes, and Parmesan cheese; the king ranch casserole; and other breakfast favorites like sticky buns, omelets, and an incredible cappuccino bundt cake.

But Moonshine has a much greater history in Austin than its last few years as a restaurant. One of the buildings that comprises the restaurant, called the Sunday House, was built in the 1850s by a German settler, and many of its features are still original. The building has served as home to several different commercial enterprises over the years, and is the only remaining Sunday House in Austin a Sunday House being a place where visitors from surrounding farmlands and rural areas could stay the night when traveling into the city over the weekend to shop at the markets and attend church. While Sunday Houses used to be quite common there are still dozens to be found in surrounding towns like Fredericksburg the Sunday Houses of Austin have gradually been torn down over the years, making the one at Moonshine a very special piece of Austin’s history and culture.

Today, the Sunday House is most often used as a small private dining area for parties and events, and some patrons and locals claim that the more-than 150-year-old building is haunted. Regardless of whether or not this piece of Austin’s history is home to spirits of lives long since lost, Moonshine is creating its own place in Austin’s history as one of the city’s most renowned and beloved restaurants, and the experience of dining there is certain to linger in the mind of any patron.

Affordable Lake Chapala Area Called real-world Fountain Of Youth

International Living profiled the Lake Chapala area in their May 2010 issue with the headline Real-World “Fountain of Youth” In Affordable Lake Chapala Community. The article profiled one of our more well-known local residents, Jim Tipton, a 67-year-old ex-beekeeper from Colorado, who now lives comfortably in year-round warm weather in Ajijic on a modest $1,800 a month budget!

Actually, I have to admit, we can beat that number and then some!. Here are some real-life numbers from the following households who live in the Lake Chapala area:

Column 1: Couple

Column 2: Couple with 3 children

Column 3: Single woman with 2 children

Column 4: Single woman

Budget Item:#1, #2, #3, #4 (All items are in US Dollars)

Housing: Rent or Annual Property Taxes: 5, 550, 500, 2

Household Items: 40, 20, 25, 35

Home-Garden Maintenance: 15, 30, 70, 0

Electric and Propane: 125, 130, 80, 42

Water: 5, 0, 0, 9

Telephone and Internet: 70, 70, 60, 46

Cable or Satellite: 90, 0, 30, 27

Mail Service: 18, 0, 0, 0

Maid: 118, 100, 160, 36

Gardener: 86, 125, 0, 60

Pool Maintenance / Home Owners Fees: 0, 0, 0, 0

Car Insurance-Expenses-Bus: 117, 100, 68, 75

Health Insurance: 50, 42, 0, 0

Medical-Medicine-Dental: 300, 50, 50, 0

Groceries: 140, 300, 200, 115

Restaurant Meals: 50, 150, 50, 30

Entertainment: 5, 20, 40, 0

Hair-Nails-Massage: 40, 20, 50, 4

Clothing: 20, 50, 50, 15

Pet Expenses: 30, 40, 0, 30

Misc.-Immigration (Visa & Working Paper)-Gifts: 145, 42, 0, 20


Let me know if you need a rundown of what all these items stand for. Send an email to and I will send you the information.

The International Living article goes on to say, You’re never too old to feel young again, as well as upgrade your lifestyle almost overnight.

Jim expresses the feelings many of us have about living in the Lake Chapala area of Mexico. The high cost of living in Colorado, the frigid winters, and the skyrocketing health care costs weren’t helping [me] stay young at heart. Its so true, you know. Bill and I moved here over six years ago, and weve never felt better or enjoyed our lives more. Neither of us had been to Mexico before. Bill had lived all over the world, but had never even flown into Mexico on his many trips. I had lived my whole life in Kansas City, Missouri (59 years). I dont know what wonderful confluence of events collided to make us decide to move to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico, but we have never once regretted the decision.

I retired at 59 and Bill at 62 on his social security alone. We actually had enough money to have fun and enjoy our life together. And theres plenty of ways to entertain ourselves in the area, not the least being $20 (less than $2 USD) first-run movies. What do they cost in the States now? Were having a pretty good time for a couple whose only retirement plans were to drop dead at our desks!

Now, Jim, Bill and I and thousands of other expatriates live in a pristine lakeside community that’s about as close to a real-world Fountain of Youth as you’ll find anywhere in the world. Ajijic, Lake Chapala Mexico really is a dream come true.

Jim continues in the article, “Back in the USA when I was 50, I felt like I was 65. Here… at age 67…I feel like I’m 50… and getting younger!”

International Living continued with all the wonderful things our remarkable community of Lake Chapala has to offer:

A near-perfect climate. (Average temperature: 75 degrees year-roundperfect for enjoying daily walks alongside the lake to stay in shape)…
Awe-inspiring views of the lake, sunsets and surrounding mountains. (This is probably one of the biggest reasons so many writers and artists from all over the world live here)…
An active expat community.(A large social organization here boasts over 3,700 English-speaking members… and hosts regular activities and get-togethers, including many charitable events to benefit the local community)…
An ideal place to start your own dream business. (You’ll find many expat-owned art galleries, dance studios, restaurants and B&Bs in the area. If you’ve got a “dream” business idea, this could be the PERFECT destination to get it going)…
Plentiful opportunities for fun and adventure. (Fishing, boating, hiking… cooking, writing, painting, language and photography classes… an English library with over 25,000 books, an English-language theater… and festivals almost every weekend of the year. You’ll never run out of fun things to do)…
What’s more, Lake Chapala is so affordable that many expats like Bill and me have maids and gardeners twice a week. For me thats definitely the definition of paradise. What about you?

If youre a budget-minded expat, you wont find a more value-packed destination than Lake Chapala, Mexico:

For less than $6, you and two friends can take in a just-released movie…in stadium-style seating with surround-sound and air conditioning (nice during our hot month of May!)
For $15.00, you can get an absolutely delicious 24-oz filet for two that is grilled to perfection.
For $4.00, Bill can get a haircut.
For around $10.00 each, I can get a pedicure and a manicure at several places in Ajijic.
For $20 I can get a full hour massagethats another description of heaven for me!
Doctors and Veterinarians make house calls and usually less than $20 USD. And our dogs get free rabies shots.
Bill and I both have full-coverage health insurance for around $600 USD for the BOTH of us.
And were in your own backyardyou can drive to Canada or the United States if you have a need to. Weve made the trip many times across well-maintained toll roads (cuotas) that cost us less than $200 USD, round-trip.

Lake Chapala has got almost everything you would ever want including high-speed Internet, Vonage, Satellite TV, flat screen TVs and monitors, cell phones, high-end appliances, gyms and fitness centers. Except for laptops, the price difference for electronics and appliances is getting closer every day. Even for cars toofor awhile, one of our local auto businesses was touting that with the peso to US or Canadian dollars ratio, cars in Mexico were costing expats $4-5,000 less than you would pay in the States. That was quite a windfall for us.

We also have world-class dining in the Lake Chapala area that will delight and surprise you for such a small community. During our Focus on Mexico programs, our participants are always amazed at the quality and variety of the food in Ajijic. As alumnus from April 2010 Bob Wagner says, The food was absolutely great. I told my wife I didn’t have one bean in those eight days (beans and rice are the norm back home here). I have never tasted such consistently great food over an eight-day period as we had at those restaurants. I have relatives who live in small townsif they have three good restaurants to choose from, they call that a bonus! Not me! I like lots of choices.

Some ask us how it is being single in Lake Chapala and I have to tell youI’ve heard it so many times from my single friends that I have to believe it’s true: it’s easier to be single in Lake Chapala than any place any of them have ever lived before. There’s just so much to do here, and it’s a small enough community that no matter where you go, you’re bound to run into someone you know. But how are you going to know all this is true if you dont come and find out for yourself?

Isnt it time you experienced the real Mexico? As alumni John & Sam Kelley, April 17-24, 2010, said, Our experience can be summed up in one vignette: On Friday, the last day of the tour, we were opening our Mexican bank account at Bancomer. Adalberto, the branch manager, asked us if wed ever been to Mexico before. We replied that one of us had lived in San Diego and visited Tijuana regularly. The other of us had spent some time in Mexico City eons ago and together wed been to several beach resorts. Then it dawned on us we had never been to the real Mexico before and it was a place where we wanted to spend more time. Thank you Focus on Mexico for the information and insights that made us feel comfortable in this (hopefully our) new world. Feel free to use any of our comments in your promotions/website. Wed love to help more people discover the real Mexico.”

Isnt it time you experienced the real Mexico?

SoI have something to ask youare you tired of cold, snowy winters and hot, humid summers? Do you dream about retiring now instead of having to work until you drop dead at your desks? Do you want an easier lifestyle where you can be as busy or lazy as you wantand where health is the norm not the exception? Well, its all here waiting for you in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Do you want the opportunity to work if you want to? Believe me, if you have to work or just want to work, this is a pretty nice place to live while working. Take it from one who knows, as I sit here in my office overlooking the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains, listening to the rain coming down signaling the start of our rainy season that will paint our mountains a lush green within days. Seriously, I really, truly believe that it doesnt get much better than this!

You can have all that and more in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Honestly, whether retirement is already upon you, or you still have a ways to go before you give up the work-a-day life, if you are planning to get away from the cold and enjoy your golden years relaxing in a wonderful climate, now may be the time to consider investing in a place in the sun. Believe it or not, according to many sources, the Mexican real estate market seems to be doing much better throughout this global recession and many excellent opportunities can be found south of the border as the situation rebounds at a much quicker pace then we are seeing stateside. This may be your time to quit the rat race and retire to the Fountain of Youth, Lake Chapala, Mexico, before the rest of the baby boomers get ahead of you.

Hasta pronto! See you soon!