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The Amazing Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai

If you plan to visit Dubai make sure to add the attractions in Burj Khalifa Tower to your list of things you must see. Standing at over 828 metres, this remarkable example of high tech architecture is the tallest building in the world. It is a world-class destination considered the masterpiece of downtown Dubai.

Records mention Dubai as far back as 1095. The first settlement named Dubai town dates back to 1799. Today, Dubai has developed into a world-class business hub. The economy was originally based on the oil industry, but with the emirate’s new business model major revenues are now derived from real estate, tourism and financial services.

Recently, Dubai has attracted world recognition through various large construction developments and sporting events. However, this extra attention has highlighted human rights and labour issues faced by the largely Asian workforce.

The Tower

The Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai is located in the heart of the city. It is surrounded by luxury, five star hotels, fabulous shopping destinations and a wide variety of entertainment options. The tower houses Burj Khalifa residences, private residences, corporate offices, hotel guestrooms and suits, a four story fitness club, fine dining restaurants and an observation deck.

The Park

The design of the park was inspired by the unique Burj Khalifa triple-lobed shape. It spreads out over eleven hectares featuring luscious greenery and spectacular water displays. The landscape includes three distinct areas which serve the three main uses of the tower: hotels, residences and office spaces.

The three areas are linked by the pedestrian walkways and the tower. Visitors are welcomed with astonishing stone paving patterns at each entry. The main entrance is encircled by a palm court, fantastic water features, open green spaces and a luscious forest grove above.

The Observation Deck

The Burj Khalifa Tower Dubai has aroused more curiosity and intrigue than any other building in modern history. From the observation deck you can see for yourself what it feels like to be at the top of the world.

Your visit begins at the reception area. From here you are guided through an amazing presentation chronicling the exotic history of Dubai and the fascinating story behind the Burj Khalifa aboard a 65 metre moving walkway, called a travelator. The travelator pauses briefly to give you a close-up view of the amazing height of Burj Khalifa.

A super high speed elevator takes you the rest of the way to the top. As the elevator doors open you are greeted with floor to ceiling glass walls that offer a breath-taking, unobstructed view of the city, the surrounding desert and the ocean.

Pune Real Estate Market

The real estate market of Pune is going steady and smooth if compared to other cities, where both residential and commercial property graph is going downwards. While everywhere the experts are expecting a doom in realty, Pune seems to be confronting the forecast.

Perhaps, as Pune was never a mainstream real estate destination, it never saw a huge decline in realty prices. The slump was there in the city but it was only for a short period of time. There are various reasons why Pune has now emerged a preferred real estate destination.

As the IT industry drives the real estate demand in the city, first home sales constitute a major chunk of transactions happening in Pune. In this city, there is always a steady demand for property in Kalyani Nagar and Baner, which are close to two major IT hubs in the city. Besides the IT and BPO industry, the student population living outside their campuses are also responsible for fueling demand for housing in Pune.

Renowned real estate developers in Pune are of a view that the Pune property prices are on the move for a sharp drop. But real estate agents and the local industry experts in the city don’t think that there will be any recession in Pune real estate industry at least in the next 10 years. And Pune real estate developers also assert that the demand is stable and exceeding supply.
At present, Pune real estate market is one of the most active segments in Western India. Private realty players as well as local property builders and civic authorities are pouring in more investments in the city.

According to the latest realty market reports, commercial realty in Pune fetches about 20-25% returns on investment. This makes the city the most favorite and a preferred destination of investors.

The residential property segment is equally upbeat at this point of time.

The buzz has not only been created by the commercial real estate market of Pune but also by the residential realty market. In the residential front, the focus of real estate developers is on affordable housing. Major real estate developers like Kolte-Patil, Gera Properties have announced the launch of affordable housing projects in the city. These developers are planning to build one-room set and two-room set accommodation that costs between Rs 10-15 lakh.

Real estate developers in Pune are now also focusing on the bordering areas of Pune. The city centre boasts of high capital and rental values. Therefore, most of the buyers are now looking for affordable accommodation in the suburban and bordering areas. And, real estate developers are trying to cash in on this behaviour of the property seekers. Property in areas like Kothrud, Vanwadi, Oundh are high in demand. All these areas were earlier the extension of villages but are now they are the hub of property development.

Now, the residential real estate market of Pune is all set to reach newer heights. As per the industry estimates, the city needs almost 40,000 residential properties every year to match the housing demands of its citizens.

Considering that, the Maharashtra government has now given a green signal to private real estate players for setting up fully integrated townships in Pune, under the Public Private Participation (PPP) model.

To cash-in on this opportunity, Pune-based developer, City Group has come forward with its township project Amanora Park Town, the first project after the governments declaration.

Under this project, the land would be provided to the developer by the government, who would then build up all the infrastructure comprising residential units and commercial properties. The developer will also be responsible for developing the social infrastructure encompassing healthcare centres, educational institutions, and entertainment facilities within the city.

The Amanora Park Town would be developed in the area of about 400 acres at Hadapsar with all the aforementioned infrastructure and facilities.

According to the real estate agents, demand for medium budget residential properties in Pune is continuously increasing.

Some other real estaet projects coming up in Pune:

1.Greensville Sky Villas in Kharadi by Gera
2.Bloomfield in Ambegaon by Amit Enterprises
3.Regent Park in Baner by Gera
4.Emerald City in Kharadi by Gera
5.Princetown in Undri by Kumar Properties
6.Sobha Carnation in NIBM Kondwa by Sobha Developers
7.Picasso in Hadapsar by Kumar Properties

Green Real Estate Tips You Can Carry out Effortlessly

Getting green is all about preserving, minimizing and saving the planet’s all-natural resources. Precisely how can a green viewpoint apply to real estate though?

When you are planning to develop a new house from scratch, then you’ve got a blank material on that you can level one green invention on prime of another to boost the environment believability of your current home.

The idea may not really look as though it really is while easy for most of the people that have no intention of building new real estate and therefore are very pleased residing where these are or if they will move will decide on an by now built home. Nevertheless you will find a number of techniques you can green your current property, several of which should save you money both straight away or over an affordable period of time of time.

The best time to put into action many green changes happens when you may need to make an adjust to your own property. Your existing central heating boiler may not be the most green, but the energy utilized to produce it really is previously paid for for. If it’s even now comparatively new, merely putting it out to get an enhanced style isn’t likely to make fiscal feeling. What you can do can be make sure this goes while efficiently as is possible with that cleaned out and also repaired on a regular basis, generally as soon as a year.

Including additional insulation to the property can furthermore lessen the sum of heat and for that reason energy you spend. This kind of can become reasonably low-cost to put in along with the money rescued will generally pay out the cost of the added insulation in concerning two years. Perhaps more simply, simply by closing curtains the moment it will get dim, a person will aid lure hot air in the house rather than letting it to break free through the frosty surface of the windows.

Appropriate energy productive lamps will trim your electricity bill and also moving over those lights off of when you find yourself not in a room will decrease it perhaps more. Building excellent behavior in your self can consider simply a number of days and will save money.

When you have a back garden or yard, grape planting your own personal vegetables can be a smart way to improve the green experience of your property. In one simple step you happen to be lowering on the food miles needed to transfer vegetables from the farmville farm to the store and after that to your home. Anyone may in addition find which you squander far less food you develop yourself, since you recognize simply how much hard work has gone straight into generating that.

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Baseball Games In Panama City, Panama

Although Panama is located in Central America, during the winter months soccer takes a back seat to the Panamanian National Baseball League. With 10 teams in the league, each province has representation. Ive been lucky enough to attend numerous games here in Panama City and highly recommend it to anyone who visits. It is an experience unlike any baseball game you can experience in the States.

Most recently I attended semi-final game 7 between Chiriqui and Los Santos. It was a game that would decide who attended the National Championship for the 2006 season. Baseball in Panama is followed by people from all corners of the country and is enjoyed at the game, in bars and at homes by people young and old. For this last game we left our regular bar in a Chivas Parrandaras. This is an old Blue Bird school bus that has been converted into the ultimate party mobile. The seats have been moved out of the center onto the sides and the equivalent of stripper poles have been erected in the center. The windows have had their glass removed and both doors are gone. We boarded along with a bartender and an eight piece band. The experience had begun.

The baseball stadium in Panama City is located just outside the stadium. In 2004 it was renamed Estadio Rod Carew after the Panamanian ballplayer who is a now in the Hall of Fame. It is the national stadium and on this night it was packed. The size of a small MLB stadium, Panamas gem of baseball is an imposing sight at night, illuminated and surrounded by thousands of cars and people. There are two tickets available for purchase, a $2 bleacher seat and a $4 normal stadium seat. We elected to buy the concrete bleacher seats, as you spend as little time as possible at a Panamanian baseball game actually in your seat.

Beers are $1 and beer venders walk around in neon green shirts hawking the ice cold cerveza from buckets hanging off their arms. The fact that beer is so inexpensive and comes in clear plastic cups leads to celebratory beer projectiles after good plays or home runs. Just thinking about the fact that I could drink a six pack at the stadium for less than the price of a beer at a game at home made the experience worth it. We entered the stadium with the band in tow and quickly set up in the heart of the Chiriqui fans.

The game was a blast, everyone was dancing, the band was playing, beer was flying and the team we were rooting for won 11-3 to enter the national championship series. After the game on the ride home, the excitement was still palpable with the band droning on and two buckets of beer on the floor of the bus. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend attending a Panamanian baseball game.

Indiabulls Green The residential Green Revolution

Indiabulls Real Estates has launched a new real estate venture ‘Indiabulls Green Panvel’. Indiabulls Green Panvel is located in the Panvel, Navi Mumbai. Indiabulls Green Panvel is offering 1BHK,2BHK,3BHK and 4BHk apartments with a host of amenities such as reputed school, Landscaped gardens, eco-gardens, landscaped walkways, Utility shops, Clubhouse with a swimming pool, gym, meditation and yoga center, and indoor games facility, A cricket pitch with training facilities, badminton and tennis courts, cycling and jogging tracks, Ample parking space, 24×7 professional security and much more. Green Panvel is spread across the Panvel area of Mumbai. Enjoy the good life with lush green surroundings in Green Panvel. As the name suggests the project is Green version of the Panvel area of Mumbai by its excellent planning. Indiabulls Greens is a Green lively township surrounded by lifestyle amenities and nature’s bounty as far as the eye can see.

Indiabulls Greens is located on a corridor that connect Mumbai and Pune, in Panvel.. Navi Mumbai is an extension of Mumbai. As we all know that Mumbai is the city of dreams in India and everybody’s dream destination is Mumbai. Mumbai is India’s most populated city cuz it attracts everybody to come and cherish his dreams. People’s coming to Mumbai encouraged Governments to make plans for Mumbai’s further developments and extensions. Panvel area falls in the Raigarh Dist. of Maharashtra that connects Navi Mumbai to Konkani area of Maharashtra. I touches the border of Thane area and is one of the most beautiful localities of Mumbai. It takes 30 minutes drive to reach here from Mumbai. Mumbai-Pune Highway, Panvel Paragon Road, Uran Road, Sion-Panvel Highway, JNPT Road give Panvel an easy connectivity to Mumbai. Developed as whole new Mumbai city, Navi Mumbai has its very own Municipal Corporation. International Airport is also here for a better comfortable lifestyle. Indiabulls Green Panvel is just 5Km away from the Panvel Railway Station. There are also varous SEZs adding value to the project. There is also an International Airport planned in the near future. National Highway 4 is also there in a close vicinity from Indiabulls Green Panvel.

Indiabulls Real Estate is one of the largest real estate company in India with development projects spread across high-end office and commercial complexes, premium residential developments, mega townships, retail spaces, hotel and resorts, state of the art special economic zones and infrastructure development. The main focus of Indiabulls Real Estate is construction and development of properties, project management, investment advisory and construction services. Indiabulls Real Estate has delivered a record 3.3 million sq ft developed space valued at $ 1.75 billion (within 4 years of inception).

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Dunedin Real Estate Your Dream Property Is Within Your Reach

Sometimes referred to as the southern gem, Dunedin is the South Islands second biggest city, characterised by a unique Scottish feel and architecture imposed on it during the time of New Zealands colonisation. Surround by beaches, forests and dramatic scenery, Dunedin is noted for its youthful and charismatic population being attracted by the educational and tertiary facilities contained within. With a population of just over 125,000, the city is one of the best preserved Victorian and Edwardian cities in the Southern Hemisphere. Becoming a desired location for students, families and businesses alike, the demand for Dunedin real estate is increasing at above average rates.

According to the latest Quotable Value New Zealand figures, southern Dunedin real estate figures have surged, recording the highest percentage increase in the country. The southern region extends from Waverley to Green Island, including the suburbs of St Kilda and St Clair. The figures illustrate that the area has experienced an increase in home values by 8.7% with an average sale price of $264,000. Likewise, Dunedin overall, showed a 4.9% increase in property values with the average sale price rising to over $276,000.

The increasing prices are a direct result of increasing demand. As many of the main centres in New Zealand are experiencing continued growth in house prices and valuations, Dunedin is presenting itself to many as an attractive option. With the average house price in New Zealand just a little under $410,000, properties in Dunedin represent real value in the marketplace where many families are struggling to find suitable and affordable housing options. According to Glenda Whitehead from QV Valuations, some of the increase in market activity in Dunedin is due to a rise in purchases by existing homeowners, who realise the benefits of purchasing prime real estate at well below national averages.

There are many advantages to purchasing Dunedin real estate, apart from the scenic and natural beauty that the city is surrounded by. With the security of tenure, you will be able to enjoy the cycle of the real estate market, accessing capital gain as the property naturally appreciates. If, like most kiwis, you enjoy a little do it yourself (DIY), then additional capital gains can be achieved through renovations. There is nothing like the sense of pride that comes with homeownership. The freedom and ability to personalise your property to suit your tastes and requirements has long been an aspiration of nearly all New Zealanders. However, with the current price hikes in property prices, renting is fast becoming a reality for many who cannot afford the deposit or repayments on their first home. However, Dunedin is offering the consumer real value and choice. Why not consider a move to a new place, where the people are friendly, the amenities are first class and most of all, your dream property is within your reach.

Real estate developer land developer plots Platinum Green

This project is,,, Platinum Green is yet another flagship venture from Zivaventures, This unique Multistorey Residential Plots brings you the aesthetics of Nature & Beauty. Platinum Green unmatched dwelling on a panoramic location is fuelled with architectural bouquet of colonial legacy. Platinum Green gets you to the top of scenic view all around taking you away from the hustle bustle of city’s stressful life to enhance and enjoy the real living lifestyle. The environment offers a lot for those who aspire to have luxury in the lap of nature with state of the art infrastructure and construction quality which sync to the dreams of hundreds of aspirants. Platinum Green is surrounded by green pastures, Villas and is well connected through Air, Roads etc. This unique location is located just 8 kms from Sarjapur Town and is Adjacent to Surya City Phase I (KHB Colony) on Hosur – Berigai Road. With a radius of 0.5 kms Platinum Green has the easiest accessibility to Educational Institutions, Banks, ATM’s, Commercial Establishments, Posh Residential Plots . Platinum Green can be reached through well developed Roads, BMTC Bus Services and the advantage of Bangalore – Hosur Highway NH-7. The Apartment brings you the finest Amenities like Wide Roads, Club House, Gym, Jogging Track, Civic Amenities, Water & Electricity Supply. visit :

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